Chic Design

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chic Design

Hello, guys! Sorry I have been like MIA with posting outfits lately but I've had tons going on and have been super busy so I hope you all will just hang with me.  As some of you are probably wondering that have me on Instagram, I found Mia a new home today so I've been kind of down about it.  I never knew how much responsibility a puppy was and as a 23 year old, my life is just too busy to properly be able to take care of one.  It does suck and I am sad but I know she has a good home and will be well taken care of.  Enough of the sad stuff.  You all know I'm obsessed with interior design so since I've been too busy to take pictures, I put this together to hopefully give you all some interior design inspiration.  So obsessed with all of these pieces.  I will be back to posting outfits ASAP so just hang with me.  Its been a crazy week but its almost the weekend (YAY) and I think we can all appreciate that. All pieces are linked.  Let me know in the comments if this inspires you to give your home a makeover. Have good weekend guys! 



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