High End vs. Affordable

Friday, October 2, 2015

high end

Hello, everyone! I have been admiring these hard on the bank account, high end bags on the right.  Lets just say, it isn't always a good idea going to the Mall at Millenia in Orlando and window shopping the high end stores like Chanel and YSL. I never fail to leave without wishing I was a millionaire with $4000.00 to go blow on a new Chanel bag. Ugh, couldn't you just smack Natalie Halcro on WAGS when her boyfriend surprises her with a YSL bag and she acts completely unenthused? But, lets just be real... unfortunately most of us simply just don't have that kind of money to make that decision. So, to help us all out I have put together several Michael Kors bags inspired by my current most favorite, high end handbags with links. These are much more obtainable and for the most part, bank account friendly.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 



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