Top 10 Things To Do This Fall

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Saturday! Today I'm bringing you 10 things you should definitely think about doing before Fall comes to an end.  You really don't know how lucky you are if you live somewhere that has a Fall season.  Just know that I am extremely jealous of you right now. Considering Florida basically has no Fall, I have really been missing Fall time in Kentucky like crazy this year.  It has always been my favorite and I love every single little thing about it from the leaves changing to the crisp smell of it in the air.  When I was a little girl my dad always told me, "You only get to see the leaves change only so many times in your lifetime like everything else, so look around and appreciate how beautiful they are."  These are some of my favorite things to do in the Fall that I really miss doing with my family.  

1. Go for a hayride.  Every year my dad always hooked up a wagon to the tractor and all of my family would take a hay ride around the farm.  Bring a blanket. 

2. One of the most classic Fall activities, go to a pumkin patch and bring a pumpkin home to paint with your boyfriend, family or friends. 

3.  Visit an apple orchard.  This is something a little different you can do if you've already been to the pumpkin patch this year.  

4.  Go for a drive and enjoy the leaves.  Each Fall,  I would always go back roading with my mom to look at all the pretty leaves. 

5.  Take a blanket and cuddle up on the porch swing in the evening.  This is something I miss so much.  If you haven't done this, then just what are you doing with your life?

6.  Have a bake night with your boyfriend or family.  Pick out some of your favorite things like cookies or cinnamon rolls and start baking. 

7.  Go to your local Starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte or just make your own at home with this recipe.

8.  Go to a corn maze.  If you have a corn maze close by, GO.  There's like no corn mazes or any Fall activities in Orlando and I wish there was. 

9. Build a fodder shock.  This is something me and my mom would do every year that I really miss.  We would go cut corn in the field together and build a huge fodder shock and me and my brother would help decorate it.  

10.  Build a bonfire and invite your family and friends over.  You can even bring hot dogs and marshmallows. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it inspires you to go out and enjoy Fall before it comes to an end.  Obviously,  I'm really missing Fall in Kentucky right now.  If you have Fall weather where you live, consider yourselves lucky.  Comment if you have any other ideas to do this season.  Have a good weekend and happy Fall!




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