Fab Fit Fun Spring Box

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lots of girls have this crazy obsession with monthly subscription boxes right now where you pay so much per year/monthly for boxes that are shipped to you monthly or every few months.  For example Birchbox, Ipsy, PopSugar, I could go on and on.  Most of them that I've seen sends new, popular, sample sized products and while it is nice to try out new products before purchasing, the sample size has always turned me away from subscribing!  Fab Fit Fun is a subscription service that sends a pretty, new box every 3 months filled with $200 worth of full sized products for $49.99!  It's like Christmas in a box.  The good news is you can use my coupon code: COMBS for $10 off of your first box! You can order your Fab Fit Fun box here!

What all was inside my Fab Fit Fun Spring box?

1. Herb Garden- grow your own herbs!
2. ISH Contour Kit- get the perfect contour with this complete contour kit with blush, highlighter, bronzer and contour!
3. Jus D' Amour Bath Bombs- used these last night in the bath and the smell was so relaxing!
4. Keratin Gloves & Socks-  Have a night spent pampering yourself!
5. Jook & Nona Bar necklace- One of my faves from the Spring box! 
6. Hello Legs Shaving Lotion- Used this last night & my legs have never been more smooth!
7. Argan & Hemp Oil therapy- Argan & Hemp seed oil to keep your locks smooth & moisturized
8. Yoga Mat Strap- A great reminder to add fitness into my daily routine
9. $25 Gift Card for 31 Bits
10. $30 Gift Card to Sterling Forever 

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