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Saturday, April 23, 2016

I am usually not one to rave on skin care products because I honestly have never found a product that has impressed me. Before discovering Tula, I had almost completely gave up on skin care products.  I was frustrated and beyond fed up.  I was convinced that skin care companies designed their products to gradually make your skin worse so that you would continue using products upon products to find a fix.  I was frustrated and tired of spending hundreds of dollars on products that did not work and never delivered the results that they claimed.  This review is not sponsored, I received these products from Tula to try and this is 100% my own opinion.  I planned on using these products for atleast one month before doing a full review on my blog.  However,  I have been so excited about the results that I couldn't wait to share.  

A little background on my skin.. My skin had gotten to where it felt dry and oily at the same time.  I was drying out my skin which was in return trying to overcompensate for the lost moisture by producing more oil.  I knew I needed to get my hands on the right cleanser and moisturizing combo so that I could provide the right moisture to my skin that wasn't too greasy and wouldn't break me out.  My skin was dull and dehydrated.  I have tried products upon products.  The cleansers were always too drying and the moisturizers were always too greasy and my skin wouldn't absorb them well.  It was the same, terrible results every single time.  These are the first skin care products I have ever found that actually do what they claim.  These are the two products that I have incorporated into my daily skin care routine and I can't encourage you enough to try them out for yourself.  I can't wait to see the results from continued use of these products.  

Tula Cleanser

So far I have noticed more suppleness, smoothness and improvements of skin tone, texture and no more dryness.  If I could recommend my favorite Tula product it would be the Hydrating Day & Night Cream.  This Hydrating Day & Night Cream is seriously like a drink of water for my skin.  It absorbs it and when I wake up my skin is supple and firm.  I encourage you to get incorporate this product into your daily skin care routine as soon as possible.  The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is $52 which some would think is expensive but compared to other products that I've used that are way more expensive, this product is worth every penny.  I believe that these products will deliver results for all skin types!  If you take my advice and decide to try, please let me know about your results and let me know if you love this line as much as I do!


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