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Monday, August 22, 2016

I had heard so, so much about Corie Clark's Purposeful Planners (this one here) and now that I finally got one I understand what all the rage is about! These planners have a place to keep track of your budget, prayer, daily menu, water intake and so much more to keep you on track and productive.  My favorite thing about this planner is that there is a daily Bible verse for each day.  Lately I have learned that without a planner I'm simply just not productive and my mind is everywhere.  Corie Clark's Purposeful Planner can help you stay organized in literally every aspect of your life!

Key Features

Budget: There are budget sheets for each month so that you can easily keep track of where your money is going so that you can begin putting back for savings

Daily and Monthly Menu Planning: You can plan out your grocery list and new recipes that you want to try on the monthly menu plan page.  You can also use the daily menu planning to plan your meals ahead for each day.   

Master Task List: Each Month has a built in Task List where you can jot down all of the main things you need to accomplish that month- when you have extra time, open your planner and knock out some of the chores on your task list 

The Daily Planner: Each day has its own page including some key things to keep you organized and on track including-

Today I Will: Three most important things you want to complete that day 
Schedule: A huge space so that you can plan out your entire schedule for the day
Health: Keep track of your weight, fitness, or medicines
Water: Boxes to check for your daily water intake
Prayer & Praise: A place to note specific prayer requests and things to remember in prayer
15 minutes: A 15 minute daily task the planner includes such as cleaning the refrigerator that will keep you caught up on tasks that sometimes fall to the wayside
Brain Dump: Daily Notes 
Retail Therapy (my favorite): for when you scroll through Instagram and see shoes you love- write down where exactly to find them so you don't forget where to get them :) (this could be bad)
Menu: Plan ahead your meals for the week ahead so that you're not constantly spending extra money and stopping for fast food or take out every night

If you're like me and its time to get organized- check out for tons of cute planner designs! 


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