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Monday, December 18, 2017

When it comes to skin care, I get serious. My mom has always taught me the importance of taking care of your skin and implementing a good skin care routine.  I remember when I lived at home every night I would walk in her room she would have a jar of night cream on the night stand open and slathering it on her face.  I used to cringe just thinking what would happen if I put all that on my face overnight. But let me tell you.. I know first hand that the effort she has put into her skin, all those creams and potions have paid off.  My mom looks at least 20 years younger than she is and everyone who knows her can vouch for me on this.  Skincare is SO important! 

Through college I struggled with hormonal breakouts.  All throughout high school and my teens I literally never had a breakout.  When I turned 23 my skin went crazy and it was all due to a change in my hormones.  Despite all this- I knew I had to fight through and not give up on still incorporating skin care into my daily routine.  In the past few months after seeking treatment, a round of antibiotics and Rodan & Fields my skin has finally calmed down enough so I can start doing more preventative skin care.  

I had been dying to try dermaplaning.  Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique using a razor or scalpel that shaves off the dead skin off of your face.  Yuck!   You seriously don't even realize how many dead skin cells have accumulated on the surface of your skin.  Along with dead skin cells, it also takes away all the baby hairs on your face so when finished your face is baby smooth.  

Michael Todd beauty recently came out with the SonicSmooth Dermaplaning system which allows you to do this treatment painlessly from the comfort of your home! I was so excited and nervous to try the first time.  I use several chemical exfoliators and exfoliate manually and chemically at least twice a week and it was amazing that I still had so much on the surface of my skin.  You work in small sections and move the tool along your skin at a 40 degree angle.  After dermaplaning my entire face - it was red like I had just had a chemical peel.  This is completely normal and good for the skin since it is bringing the blood to the surface and healing the tiny microscopic wounds. After finishing you slather on the after treatment gel which is a soothing aloe vera gel.  I woke up the following morning with noticeably smoother and even toned skin.  My makeup went on so much easier and smoother.  I follow up every 10-14 days.  I truly love and recommend this system.  I am extremely choosy when it comes to skin care and this is something I absolutely would recommend everyone trying!

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