Hello! My name is Brooke Combs and I am 23 years old.  Starting a blog has been my dream for such a long time now.   I'll see you right here as I post about fashion and my lifestyle. Don't hesitate to comment or e-mail with suggestions for posts you'd like to see or just to say hi. Hope to hear from you soon! xoxo   

This is me and my mom.  I miss her so much since I've moved to Florida.  It has been hard adjusting to life not having her around.  She is the best person that I've ever met.  She is so sweet and kind and is always putting others before herself.  I hope someday I can be half the person she is.  

This is my dad.  This picture pretty much sums up his personality.  He is happy-go-lucky, crazy and always up for a fun time.  This year he's super obsessed with Harley Davidson's and dresses like he belongs to a bike gang and wears all the Harley clothes, dude rags and chains.  Next year it could be something totally different.  My brother and I like to say he has a major wardrobe malfunction.. Or possibly just going through some type of midlife crisis (shhhhhh) ... I haven't completely figured him out yet. 

This is my brother.  He pretty much has it all together.  I am so proud of who he is and where he's at in life as a 21 year old.  I love and miss him a lot.

Last but not least is my best friend.  She is basically an open diary that I vent to every single day.  If I have something on my mind, she knows about it.  I was so sad when I had to leave her when I moved 900 miles away to Orlando.  However, we keep in close touch and I visit from time to time.  She's the best and will forever be my best friend. 

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